Project #1 - Bobbleheads selections

Project Specifications:
Due date: Tuesday, Oct 2nd
File name: "Project 1 - your name.psd"
File Format: PSD
File size: Width: No greater than 800 pixels. The height cannot be smaller than 400 pixels.
File size: Height: No greater than 600 pixels. The width cannot be smaller than 400 pixels.
The best image to search for is one that is exactly 800x600.
File info:
RGB color. No B&W images. Make sure that no one's head is out of frame (cut off).

Tools to help you:
Magic Wand | Lasso | Polygon Lasso | Magnetic Lasso | Quick Selection tool
The objective of this project is to swap heads for 2 people. Find a picture with 2 (or more) people in it and take the head off of one person and put it onto the other.
Then, do the same thing for the other person.
You can also take heads from different pictures and paste them into the picture with 2 or more. Ex: I have a picture from "Friends" and I want to use the head from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to replace Ross and Rachel. This would be acceptable.

Here is what I will be looking for when grading:

For mine, I used a picture of Brad and Angelina. I swapped their heads.
Here is the before and after:

And the difference between a good cutout:

and a bad cutout:

Reflection journals are due by the beginning of the period on the due date : Minimum 2 paragraphs on a Juno Doc:

Due Wednesday, Oct 3rd: 1. What was the objective of the task? 2. What picture did you decide to use and why? 3. How did it turn out compared to what you were planning on doing? 4. What was the most difficult aspect of this project? 5. If you were to re-do this project, what would you do differently or add to it?