Project 4 - Masks & Adjustments Project 4 - Masks & Adjustments

File name: "Project 4 - your name.psd"
File format: PSD
File size:- 800 x 600 pixels
File info:
RGB color
Resolution: 72 pixels per inch

Task Objectives:

Taking the picture from down below, I want you to highlight the lion in color while everything else turns black and white.
There should be 5 LABELED layers -

- The background, a copy of the background that has the mask applied to it, 1 text layer with 2 layer styles (fx) of your choosing and 2 adjustments layers.

For this task you are going to work with masks.

Task Steps:

This is what I am looking for when grading this project:

1. Use the Mask tool to make a very clean cut out of the image. I want the edges to be excellent!!
2. Duplicate the background image to use for your mask layer.
3. 2 adjustment layers.
4. 1 text layer with 2 layer styles (fx).

1. In the layers palette click on the 'Add layer mask' button at the bottom, to the duplicated layer. You should see a white on black cutout of your image appear on the layer.
- Check to make sure you did it right by turning off the visibility on the background layer. You should see the cut out of your image.

Create two adjustment layers in between the two lion layers, so that you won't alter any images.
2. The first adjustment layer will make the image look black and white. Adjust the colors specific to your image.
3. The second adjustment layer will make the image look darker and sharper contrast between colors. Take the brightness level up or down - same with the contrast level.
1. Add a layer of text. It does not need to say what I wrote. Make sure it is in color (not black or white).
2. Add 2 different layer styles to the text - any effects you like. Play around with them until you get what you like.

When you have finished, transfer to the dropbox. IF YOU DID NOT FOLLOW THE SPECS, YOU WILL LOSE POINTS.

My example:(copy this picture for the assignment)

Reloading your mask selection to continue working on it - YOU ONLY DO THIS IF YOU NEED TO WORK ON THIS ON MORE THAN 2 CLASSES
Make sure you start our in Normal edit mode, not quick mask mode.
1. Click on the layer with the mask.
2. Command & click (PC Control & click) on the black and white mask section of the layer to reload your selection. You will notice the selection is now back.
3. Control & click (PC Right click) and select "Delete layer mask". This will delete the layer mask. You'll re-save it when you are done.
4. Click on the Quick mask mode, and continue your work.
5. When you are done, click on the Normal edit mode button, and add your layer mask again.