Project 4 - Silhouette & Lettering

Due date: Wednesday, 11/2/16
File name: "Project 4- your name.psd"
File format: PSD
File size: no more than 800 pixels or less than 600 pixels in height. So as long as the height falls in between these 2 values you are fine.
Keep proportions consistent when changing sizes
File resolution: 72 dpi pixels/inch
Minimum of 12 pictures inside the silhouette.

Task Objective:
Using a picture of someone (real or fictional), you will use images to fill in who they are. Be clever, if you can!
Full bodied shots seem to work best, especially out of their normal element.
Start with this:

and create a silhouette:

You cannot:

1. Use an image of the person/character inside of themselves.
2. Use images that have words or symbols that directly relate to them.
Example: You can't use #2 for Derek Jeter. It's almost like writing his name.
You can't use NY or Yankees, but you could use pinstripes. You could use the "gatorade" logo because he is connected with them.

How to make the Silhouette