Task #5 - Words into pictures

Due date: Thursday, 4/22/10
File name: "Task 5 - your name.psd"
File format: PSD
File size: Between 800 and 600 pixels in height

Task Objective:
Pick a popular expression/saying and show it using images.

Requirements for layers:

1. I want to see colors (solid or gradient), filter effects, images, shapes, the whole shabang.
2. Oh yeah - you can't use any line someone else is already using in the class, so once you figure out your line, come tell me.
3. Cutouts, cutouts, cutouts. There should not be any layer that is filled from side to side. Use lots of cutouts to build your project.
4. A creative text layer with your expression written on it.
5. Try not to use the quote in any of the images. See Example #2.

This is going to be a work showing ALL of your skills so far. I want you to BE CREATIVE - the more you put into this project, the better. I want you to make a picture that represents a saying that will be instantly apparent once someone sees this picture.

Something LIKE this (I didn't spend much time on this, so it's an OK example and I added text):

This picture would be "A face that could launch a thousand ships"
Click here to see the steps I took to make my picture.

This is ok, but there's some problems with this one:

"Life is like a box of chocolates"
Problem #1 - There are words in it (the name of the game, 'Life'). Even worse, the words are DIRECTLY from my quote.
Problem #2 - What does that say? Use a good color to help people READ your quote.
Problem #3 - Where is the creativeness in the text? It's just a font in yellow - no layer styles, or warp....snore....
Download the psd file here.

Lastly, don't show me this (PLEASE don't do something like this):

"It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings."

Problem #1 - This does NOT tell me it's over; I see a fat lady singing, but nothing says it's over. Maybe it just started, did you ever think of that??
Problem #2 - Um, Where's the text? Hiding behind the lady?
Problem #3 - O Layers, layers! Wherefore art thou, layers? I can't see you. Again, must be hiding behind the lady.
Problem #4 - Not creative at all. This would be a work example of someone who was just plain lazy - and wants a 20% for their grade. Try not to be this person!
Problem #5 - I still see about 5 more problems.....

So now it's up to you to do what you want - I have no steps for you to take. You are on your own. I will give you these hints to help you get your project done:

1. Think of a theme - whatever the line you picked speaks about, look for images that relate to that. Don't think of that ONE perfect picture.
2. Don't go overboard - you want to be able to see the images, but not get lost in sea of pictures.
3. Keep it simple at first - add detail later. Don't spend 2 hours trying to get the gradient layer JUST right.
4. Get the minimum done first, then try and add something more to it later. You'll be less stressed if you know you have something that meets the requirements than nothing that does. Then, you can breathe a bit and go in for some extras.
5. For your color layer, why not try the clouds you did? They add an interesting effect to something, especially if you try one of the blending options on it.
6. Filters - blur filter, chrome filter - whatever it is, it's not right or wrong, too much or too little. It's what YOU think that matters.
7. Have fun.
Reflection Questions are due by the beginning of the period on the due date : 1 1/2 typed pages, double spaced, 12 pt font or 3 pages hand written

Reflection Question - Due Friday, 4/23: 1) What was your line? 2) What images did you think of when you thought of how to create your project? 3) What was your original layout idea and how close to your original idea did you get? 4) How creative would you say your final product was? 5) How did you tie your images to your quote?