Task #6 - Animated Advertisement

Due date:Monday, May 10th
File name: "Task 6 - your name"
File Format: PSD
File size: 640 x 480 pixels
File info:
RGB color
Resolution: 72 pixels per inch

Storyboards are due on Wednesday, May 5, by the end of the class.

You are going to create an advertisement that will be animated for the web for a fictional client. It can be for anything (within school limitations) you can think of - favorite show, music group, product, person - anything. Be creative.
You must animate at least 2 out of the 3 options:
When you are done, look it over and ask yourself: "Did I impress myself with my animation?"

Here is what I will be looking for when grading:
1. Creativity - how far "outside the box" was your overall design?
2. Objective - was it a clear advertisement? Would people know what it was for?
3. Difficulty - did you just dissolve up one word or did you have a lot of things going on?
4. Length - At least 15 seconds. (This is the MINIMUM amount of time for your animation.)

When you are done, you will be handing in "Task 6 - yourname.psd".
My example:

Or this rollover animation:


Reflection Questions are due by the beginning of the period on the due date : 1 1/2 typed pages, double spaced, 12 pt font or 3 pages hand written

Reflection Question - Due Tuesday, May 11th: 1) What was the idea for your animation? 2) What do keyframes do? 3) What is important to know about setting the first keyframe when editing an animation? 4) What were the limitations to creating an animation using Photoshop? 5) What steps do you have to take to make an image look like it is growing or shrinking in Photoshop?